Since 2010 KORAZON Company has emerged as one of the leading companies for importing and distributing the best quality products of pharmaceutical and food supplements in Iraq.

 Korazon is one of the well-known pharmaceutical companies in Iraq. The prior personal experience that the owners had in the Pharmaceutical trading industry goes back to more than three decades and has brought a tremendous value to the company. Korazon is currently covering the entire country and have active representatives in all 18 governorates of Iraq. We deal currently with pharmaceutical wholesalers in the entire country.

Satisfied Customers
Years of Experience
Great Claims Services
Dedicated Employees


Korazon will become a leading pharmaceutical company in the country by offering services across the entire drug lifecycle, from international brand names to generic formulations with affordable prices. & Applying international marketing standards with all aspects of branding strategies within the Iraq & international markets to assure win – win relationship with our agencies & customers.


Korazon is dedicated to provide best quality and affordable medications for patients and healthcare professionals. Korazon is dedicated to supporting quality education for the safe use of the products and supporting, fulfilling medical community needs through:
. Establishing a top reputation within the industry through Efficient, professional, and highly ethical means.
. Developing scientific communication with medical professionals through updated scientific material, conferences, presentations and gatherings.